Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.

BOX: 380x240x60 mm

This   kit  contains 1171  parts.  Box contains  models  of tank

        EVERYTHING you need for an ACCURATE MODEL in ONE BOX.

        ·    FISRT model of Pz. Kpfw. III Ausf. C reproduced in PLASTIC

        ·    Highly detailed model

        ·    All New Tooling. State of the art engineering utilising slide mould technology

        ·    Total details 1171

        ·    1047 plastic parts

        ·    63 PE parts

        ·    11 clear plastic parts

        ·    Decals sheet for 5 options are included

        ·    Full-colour instruction

        ·    Fully detailed interior of turret

        ·    Crews vision periscopes with clear plastic parts

        ·    All hatches can be assembled opened or closed

        ·    Workable chassis

        ·    Workable track link


Panzerkampfwagen Ill Ausf C (Sd Kfz 141)

Other designation: 3b Serie ZW

Type: Medium tank


Manufacturer: Daimler-Benz

Chassis Nos.: 60221-60225, 60316-60340


30 produced from January to June 1938

Crew: 5

Weight (tons): 16

Width (metres):   5.92

Width (metres): 2.82

Height (metres): 2.42

Engine: Maybach HL108TR

Gearbox: 6 forward, 1 reverse

Speed (km/hr): 40

Range (km): 165

Radio: FuG5  


Armament: One 3.7cm          Two 7.92mm MG34         One 7.92mm MG34

   KwK L/46.5

Traverse: 360° (hand)            =                                      hand

Elevation: -10° +20°               =

Sight: TZF5a                          =                                      KgZF2

Ammunition:  121 Pzgr           4.500 Patr Smk



Armour (mm/angel):     Front          Side           Rear          Top/Bottom

Turret:                          15/15°        15/25°        15/0°-21°   10/83°-90°

Superstructure:            15/10°        15/0°          15/10°        10/75°-90°

Hull:                              15/20°        15/0°          15/33°        5/90°

Gun mantlet:                15/round


History:   The third vehicle in the development series, the Aust C, was yet another attempt to improve the design of the suspension..

Specific features: The Ausf C still had eight road wheels on each side, with the first and last pairs on a short leaf spring, mounted parallel to the ground. The second and third pairs were supported by a longer leaf-spring assembly. Also featured were a servo-operated epicyclic clutch, brake steering and a new design for the drive sprocket and idler.

Combat service: By 20 January 1938 there were only  twenty-three Pz Kpfw Ill in the total Army Inventory. But this number had increased to forty-two by the end of March 1938. The Ausf C saw action only in Poland. fl was withdrawn from Panzer regiments in February 1940, before the start of the campaign in the West.


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E  Instruction

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