BOX: 345x240x80 mm

 Box contains  model  of  british armoured car.

The AEC Armoured Car is a series of heavy armoured cars built by the Associated Equipment Company (AEC) during the Second World War. The first example was demonstrated in early 1941 and an order was placed in June of that year.

The AEC Mk I was equipped with the same turret as the Valentine tank, featuring the 2-pounder gun. 129 Mk I vehicles were built and many of them saw action in North Africa in the latter stages of the Desert War. The Mk I was equipped with AEC 195 diesel engine and total weight of the vehicle was eleven tonnes.

      Model details:

      •       Highly detailed model

      •       436 plastic parts

      •       60 Photo-Etched metal parts

      •       Decals options for three vehicles

      •       Full-color instruction

      •       All New Tooling. State of the art engineering utilising slide mould technology.

      •       Fully detailed interior

      •       Highly detailed engine compartment

      •       Engine is accurately represented

      •       Fighting compartment faithfully reproduced

      •       Driver’s vision periscopes moulded in clear plastic

      •       Driving compartment interior is fully detailed and accurately produced

      •       All doors and hatches can be assembled open or closed

      •       Slide-mould tyre tread pattern moulded in one part

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Ac  Ad  Ad

Ae  B

Ae  Af  Ba

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